We are pleased to announce that The German-Thai Railway Association GTRA is now officially registered (since 13 September 2021)!

The large group of institutions and individuals that has been supporting the long process that led to this important milestone is proud and happy that their shared interest in German-Thai Railway collaborations is now backed by this legal body!

– View the GTRA registration certificate

– View the list of founding parties

– GTRA is accepting membership applications!

– Please consider joining GTRA’s Official Opening Ceremony and the 6th GTRA workshop.


GTRA Objectives

This Association has been established to realize the Intent jointly declared (“JDI”) by the Thai Ministry of Transport and the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure on 23rd November 2016 and to continue the work of the working groups coordinated by the Ministry and the German Embassy during the years of 2017 -2021 under this JDI.

The Association has the following objectives:

1. To promote German-Thai-Rail networking and collaboration,

2. To provide an information channel to share topical German-Thai Rail information,

3. To conduct activities that serve German-Thai Rail knowledge transfer and lifelong-learning,

4. To catalogue existing German-Thai Rail knowledge and competencies,

5. To promote the application of German-Thai Rail standards and professional practices,

6. To support the definition, acquisition and management of “Learning Projects”,

7. To conduct special talks, workshops, trainings, seminars and similar shorter educational events with invited experts,

8. To facilitate scholarships to promote student mobility in the field of railway-related studies,

9. To organize railway-related field trips or group visits,

10. To support internship placements for students from Thailand or Germany,

11. To make available (for example, by translation) materials such as books, guidelines, standards.